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Christine Snowdon Reiki and Spiritual Readings

Reiki Croydon Therapy

Reiki International Membership

*Reiki Croydon Supports a 15mns Monthly Reiki World Peace Meditation To join please follow this link:

World Peace Card Meditations

Next session is Wednesday 17 October 7:30pm

(based on local time in your time zone)

Reiki World Peace Grid

Email address for Reiki: [email protected]


Reiki Healing Session - full body one hour - £65

Reiki 1&2 One Day Courses & Attunement + Reiki Manual and Certificate - £250

Simple Healing

I can teach you a simple quick and easy to learn method of healing that can be used anytime anywhere that will reach and heal your chakras (energy centres) - £25


Online Courses + Certificate - £65

Readings - Usual Rates

Psychic Spiritual Angelic Intuitive Readings £65

Worldwide Spiritual Angelic Intuitive Readings recorded £65

Past Life Readings and Guidance £65

Reiki Classes Classes are available for those wishing to learn how to give Reiki sessions. Reiki is simple and easy to learn; anyone can learn it, and there are no prerequisites. Once you’ve learned, you can give Reiki to yourself or to others. Teacher training classes are also available. 

For those who are not ready to learn Reiki you could start by learning my simple method of hands on healing yourself (or others, family members or friends) that is very useful when there is not much time available to you, (i.e. before work, when tired, before an outing etc.) 

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“Hey, you! Yes, you!! This is your body talking! I’m tired, achy, tetchy and queasy, and some days I really need some tender loving compassion and relaxation for me!

If your body could speak it may well be saying this to you! As a mother of two children I know the discomfort of pregnancy and childbirth. Reiki can bring relaxation and relief at the times when you may be feeling overwhelmed or alone. Research has shown that Reiki is not only beneficial but it is safe for babies during and after birth as it restores and stabilises the energy levels that often fluctuate through the stresses and strains on the bodies of pre- and post-natal women.

Understanding Reiki Healing

Reiki is a non-invasive therapy and a system of energy healing using a natural life force energy called ‘ki’. Each healing treatment takes 30 minutes to one hour. You lie fully clothed on a massage bed or chair, feeling hands laid gently on or slightly above your head, abdomen, legs and arms. is unique and deeply relaxing. Everyone has a different experience during a session. Some will feel heat, tingling or maybe even nothing at all, as the energy will still work even though we may not be aware of it. You might sleep, and may feel a sense of calm relaxation while perhaps noticing a reduction of pain. Reiki releases blockages within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The release of tension allows the natural flow of energy through the body as a release of toxins, so that the person can then receive and store more energy, accelerating one's energy vibration. Reiki can be used along with other therapies, and is also useful for self-awareness and transformation.

Reiki and Children

Giving Reiki to a child can be beneficial and healthy for them. It is also possible to induce Reiki energy into a baby’s blanket, pillow or toy, which will then be channelized to the infant while they sleep. Some practitioners believe Reiki energy can be given to babies for up to 10 minutes to help them get better.

Christine Snowdon Dr Usui

Reiki’s Healing Benefits:

· Reduces depression, stress, anxiety and tension
· Promotes deep relaxation and calmness
· Increases inner peace, mental clarity and emotional stability
· Balances body energies
· Reduces pain
· Helps negative patterns disappear
· Increases creativity, awareness and focus, bringing back a positive outlook



Last Saturday I had a Reiki session with another practitioner who provided a powerful healing for me! I am so grateful for this energy healing art! There is so much that we do not know about what's happening in our minds, emotions, bodies and spirits that the wisdom of Reiki addresses.That is why it's important to book regular sessions with other practitioners. She 

found energetic blocks, bricks!, on my lower three chakras. My solar plexus, my sacral and root chakras all had these brick walls! No wonder I was having so much difficulty feeling seen and appreciated and creating a life I desire.

The Solar Plexus chakra

The Solar Plexus chakra processes sugar:

And controls digestion, regulates feelings of self-worth, confidence, power, clear choices for selfhood. It regulates the attitudes of being well with yourself and knowing your worth, linking into your personal power, which comes from an affirmed sense of selfhood. 

The Sacral chakra

The Sacral Chakra governs reproductive organs, which control sexual development:

They regulate deservedness, pleasure, joy/feeling bad, not caring for your physical body, giving ourselves permission to have what we want. Attitudes of being and having enough, knowing that you deserve the life you say you want, enjoyment and well-being, delighting in good health.

The Root chakra

The Root Chakra governs the adrenals:

Fight or flight function of the kidneys is activated. Security is the aspect of the root chakra that keeps us focused and grounded. The negative qualities are anger, aggression, jealousy, and victim consciousness. It governs the attitudes of the right to what we want and the sense of belonging to community and social connections.

So WOW! I feel so very much different! I had a healing crisis Sunday and part of yesterday where I just was going through an energetic rebalancing. I guess these things have been there for a very long time. It is good for each person, even a seasoned Reiki practitioner like myself, to receive regular Reiki sessions. I am so glad that I did!.


"Hi Christine,

I hope you are well... It has been an interesting journey so far... The day of the Attunement was truly a day that has begun to change my life; I had no idea what Reiki really meant. I explained that to my friends that the Attunement was like being full of warmth and feeling that I was in a process of being healed. I felt very at ease throughout.

After the Attunement I went back home and was low on energy for several days... I only fancied drinking infusions and not much food, I had the sensation that my body was undergoing Detox, I also had various days of emotional unstability, which I felt this was a letting go process. I have found the grounding and energising prayer/affirmation that you gave me to have been a wonderful support.

I have used Reiki on my son at night as he has problems sleeping - which has been very interesting, to my delight he did not wake up for the rest of the night which was a first. I experienced the sensation of the chakras that need more attention too. I healed my tendonitis and was without pain, then I realised that I had to do some more sessions.

I have found my days to be so different, once I came out of the groggy stage I was happy, energised and felt very different indeed... and now I am in the process of detoxing my home!

M. Salmon Catalonia Spain"

"Hello Christine thank you so much for this afternoon I feel amazing and just want it to last now. It's as if I'm up somewhere looking down, could carry on talking about it but I won't I'm just going to go with it. God Bless xxxx P. Beresford Surrey UK