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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL is recognised by the "All" who pray to him among these being lightworkers,  spiritualists, earth angels and more.  His name means "He who is like God".  He is the Archangel and patron Saint of Protection, his symbolt is a bright shining sword that helps us detach from drama, challenges and fears.  He can remove energies that no longer serve our higher good.  Never doubt the Angels' presence in the world as they can and do create miracles...

I have been channelling messages with and from the Archangel Michael now for a number of years and for a couple of years I have been recording his messages on my You Tube channel for those who are interested.  They are updated monthly and to receive these regularly simply click the subscribe button below the video....once it has been opened.

Archangel Michael's April 2018 Message Says:
"The choice is here this month for you all to embrace a new future..."

Archangel Michael March 2018 Message Says:
"Lightworkers focus on the elderly, the children, the sick, the vulnerable, the homeless in your societies...." 

Archangel Michael February 2018 Message 
"....Abundance for the many but only ask for as much as you can comfortably cope with....

Archangel Michael 2018 New Year Message 
"...Let Love be your one aim this year and the rest will follow..."

"...I only wish you could all see the joyous celebrations that take place at Christmas time in the Heavens...."  Archangel Michael

Urgent November Message from Archangel Michael