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Christine Snowdon Reiki and Spiritual Readings

Archangel Michael

Brings us Truth courage strength and protection

The Archangel Michael gives you the courage to face all obstacles no matter how you difficult you perceive them to be. Help will come for emotional relationship strain, mental strain, lifts you out of low moods, addictions or lack of self worth also when suffering illness. He helps you find your true nature and keep faithful to who you really are. He can assist with fear of speaking your truth and of course most people call on him in emergencies when miracles have been known to occur when you may see his flashes of blue lights appear.

Archangel Metatron

Keeper of the Akashic records known as the King of Angels

The Archangel Metatron will guide you towards happiness through true love and creates the bridge to your higher self. He will help you connect with source and ask for his assistance in attracting your life partner. He oversees all the angels and is the angel of divine connection and universal harmony creating balance in your life helping you return from the materialism of life and connect once again with the divine in your life as you strive to create your own balance in life so too you help balance the universe. He will help you let go of judging yourself and others helping you finding true happiness and balance.

“Receiving and giving are the best ways to spread love and light” 



I asked Source/Universal Energy/God how important is it to cleanse the energy in and around us and the conversation went like this:-

C: How important is it to practising lightworkers to regularly cleanse the energy inside and outside of us?

G: This you know but for the benefit of teaching others = it is of vital importance for the individual who seeks to raise their spiritual knowledge to cleanse the aura that surrounds their body. Also to endeavour to make a connection with the higher energies setting the intention to cleanse each energy centre within their body to maintain clearer focus, energy and health.

C: I couldn't have explained it any clearer myself ~ thankyou.

G went to on to say that on a personal note my Spirit Team are surrounding me now and to ensure that I stay a clear conduit for spirit to deliver clear messages to me and he wanted me to know that they are with me as we were speaking.

* For the uninitiated calling on the Angels and the resonating colour ray of any particular angel i.e. Blue ~ Archangel Michael ~ Orange Archangel Gabriel ~ Violet Archangel Zadkiel ~ Dark Blue ~ Archangel Raziel ~ Green Archangel Raphael and so on. To incorporate this into your daily practise will enhance your energy as a clear conduit. Sending out and calling on divine white light and its energy will raise your energies even higher. Reiki practitioners will be doing this daily.