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Readings - Usual Rates

Psychic Spiritual Angelic Intuitive Readings £65

Worldwide Spiritual Angelic Intuitive Readings recorded £65 

Past Life Readings and Guidance £65


Reiki Healing Session - full body one hour - £65

Crystal Hot Rock Healing Therapy - 

30mns - £25

Reiki 1&2 One Day Courses & Attunement + Reiki Manual and Certificate - £250

Angel Talk Online Courses  + Certificate -  £65

Simple Healing

I can teach you a simple quick and easy to learn method of healing that can be used anytime anywhere that will reach and heal your chakras (energy centres) - £25


Online Courses  + Certificate -  £65

Readings - Usual Rates

Psychic Spiritual Angelic Intuitive Readings £65

Worldwide Spiritual Angelic Intuitive Readings recorded £65 

Past Life Readings and Guidance £65

* A £25 non-refundable deposit will be taken from every client.

Reiki Classes are available for those wishing to learn how to give Reiki sessions. Reiki is simple and easy to learn; anyone can learn it, and there are no prerequisites. Once you’ve learned, you can give Reiki to yourself or to others. Teacher training classes are also available. 

For those who are not ready to learn Reiki you could start by learning my simple method of hands on healing yourself (or others, family members or friends) that is very useful when there is not much time available to you, (i.e. before work, when tired, before an outing etc.) 

Angeltalk Course Feedback:

"Today I had a very quiet morning so I thought to myself I must to talk to my angels & guides.

When I connected: I saw my guide Matthew, he was standing quite high, I needed to reach him but it was just a blink of the eye and I was standing next to him.

He was dressed more like a priest top dress was brown colour and bottom at the front was white.

He gave me a vision: it was a woman blue eyes. It was absolutely beautiful. 

You are not going to believe what happened to me on Thursday at work. 

It would have been a fire evaluation if I had not checked the area.

The most interesting thing is that, I was so much drawn to go and check that particular area, that I needed to stop what I was doing. The feeling was very strong. It probably would have been 10min and the fire alarm system would have gone off. I went just in time and prevented it from happening.

I'm so grateful that I didn't ignore my gut feeling, because I know that my angel guides were trying to communicate with me."

This is very typical of the many positive feedbacks I receive from my students, who often start out with very little angel guide or spirit knowledge....

"Christine Snowdon has written the book ‘Angels Love’ from the heart for all those who love and trust their angels. A heavenly addition to any spiritual book collection.' Xx "


Sunday Times Best Selling Author of 'Answers from Heaven'  and 24 other books.

"ANGELS' LOVE is  a well written and very interesting look at the “world of spirit” (beyond the veil), as described by spirit guides and angels to Christine Snowdon, a well respected psychic medium, angel channel, teacher and healer.  For anyone who is interested not only in what it is like on the other side but also the purpose of our lives and soul’s journeys.  Well worth reading and I am looking forward to Christine’s next book.   JOYLINA GOODINGS  - Author of the acclaimed Your Angel Journey, among other books, psychic, clairvoyant, healer and teacher.

This book shares some of Christine's own powerful experiences & also others which she has carefully chosen, giving you a real insight into the importance of delivering messages from the Spirit World.

Christine has linked with Colin Fry showing a wonderful companionship in such a trusting way that this has helped so many people feel comforted by their messages. On a personal level 'Angels Love', has encouraged me to connect with my Spirit Guides listening to them for guidance & the Angels bringing me comfort.

'Liz Everett' Reiki Master/Author of 

'An Inner Light That Shines So Bright'.

Follow this link to read an extract/click to order

Online Shop to Order Hardback version: Angels’ Love


Touched by Angels looks forward to meeting you all at the Moon Crystal Psychic Fair for Spiritual Psychic Angelic Mediumistic Readings. full of Truth and Understanding.

Wellbeing Event Westerham  March 10 2018

Soul Star Event at Worthing April 8 2018

Wellbeing Event East Surrey College April 14
Polegate Spirit Roadshow April 28 2018

Tonbridge Wellbeing Event May 19 2018

Spiritual Flow Event Holt - June 2 2018

ANGELS' LOVE Has received a fantastic new  review from Graham Jennings of Two Worlds magazine: 

Page 2 of Review of Angels' Love...

This review of Heaven Knows Why Christine's second book is the best received to date! 

"It's an intellectual overview of the book that's not without credit for the inspirational message I received directly from Archangel Gabriel and the many supernatural events that I experienced in the year leading up to its publication. If you want to know more about the Universal Consciousness surrounding us then tap into my past life regression sessions with Paul Williamson who joined me on visits going back hundreds of years... Heaven Knows Why contains all of the above original sacred spiritual poetry inspired by Spirit Guides and the Angelics.."

"...the journey continues! Christine Snowdon"

Private Review: from

"This is in my opinion the best book that I have ever read in this category. I started to read it the moment that it arrived. I planned on just skimming through it at first. Then to really read it through later.  However once I opened up, to the first page and started to read I found myself reading faster to learn and hear more. I found myself at times re reading a page or chapter, because it was like a light bulb being turned on. Then when I would re read a part over, it was like something had turned that light bulb up. I found it to be a very special read full of heart, soul, emotions and a real connection. As I was reading I had the feeling of the author's voice in my head, as if she was present in the room reading to me.  Before I knew it I had finished reading the book. I had read the book from cover to cover from the time I received it until I found myself at the end. I am positive that I will be reading this book many times over.  I highly recommend reading ' HEAVEN KNOWS WHY  By Christine Snowdon"

It is very clear to me that Heaven really does know why, when it comes to Christine Snowdon.
Well done and Thank you for sharing, Blessings to you.

Joe Dodds. USA 

Unfortunately Joe passed on to the spirit world shortly before Christmas 2017 but readers will be pleased to know he has spoken to me since his passing and has been ordained on the other side of life and is very happy indeed as he suffered ill health for a long time.  He also says:

"I have fallen in love with the Angels and their works all over again!" ....Bless you Joe.


Archangel Michael's November 2018 Message to Us All:
"Focus, !"