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Hi, Please send me a message and let me know which deck below you are guided to. I will also need the first number that pops into your head between 2 & 9 and your birthday month and day

When your payment is confirmed thru paypal at [email protected]

I will have your reading in your private message for you.

I want to wish you all a Peaceful and Happy Year!! And to offer you a 6 card reading for £30. Please let me know which of these decks below you want to receive your Year's reading from:

Archangel Michael for trustworthy life path guidance, Archangel Raphael for Health and Healing Guidance, Archangels Gold (15 Archangels) for empowerment and motivation Archangel Unicorn Oracle for positivity, purity and magic - moving forward, Messages from Your Angels for answers to important questions, Archangels and Angels of Atlantis for practical well being guidance All paid readings come with the pictures. 

Please come to my page at

and message me soon to reserve and receive your Divinely-guided paid private reading                                                                                  with inspiration and Divine wisdom.

These readings will fill up quickly for the weekend. As always my new clients receive a 1 Free card Archangel Michael reading. Just message me for your Free card. Love, light, peace and guidance to you all x

To book a relaxing Reiki Healing Session, A One Day Reiki Practitioner Course or a genuine and sincere Spiritual Intuitive Angelic Reading where I connect with my Spiritual and Angelic Team then please do  *Get in touch with me via the form above or 
Telephone 07525 661 559 or 0208 654 9927 and I will get back to you as soon as possible! 

Readings - Usual Rates

Psychic Spiritual Angelic Intuitive Readings £65

Worldwide Spiritual Angelic Intuitive Readings recorded £65 

Past Life Readings and Guidance £65

To book any of these readings please go to Contact Page of this website....
or email [email protected] 

Christine Snowdon 

"As a psychic and spiritual intuitive I am fortunate to have been blessed and guided by the Angels to use my gifts that allow me to help you move forward on your life path.  I have been answering questions for my clients for twenty years using a blend of channeling and psychic information to pass on guidance from the Angels and my Team of Spiritual Angels and Guides. If you are seeking the truth of your situation, health and life then I provide the messages to help you move on knowing the truth. Together with this support and knowledge you will reach a better understanding of your present, past and future." 

"I am the author of 'Touched by'Angels' and 'Heaven Knows Why' currently available published books,  a magazine writer, a columnist with Magna Intuitum, a spiritual angelic Reiki Master, a clairaudient channeller, and a clairsentient and clairvoyant communicator.  I have worked for Russell Grant’s team of psychics.  My photos of real angels in the sky have been published by the Daily Mail, Croydon Advertiser, the Sun newspapers UK, MU Magazine Japan and Magna Intuitum Magazine -  See the Events calendar on this page to meet with me and to book a personal reading ..."

This review of Heaven Knows Why is the best received to date! It's an intellectual overview of the book that's not without credit for the inspirational message I received directly from Archangel Gabriel and the many supernatural events that I experienced in the year leadingup to its publication. If you want to know more about the Universal Consciousness surrounding us then tap into my past life regression sessions with Paul Williamson who joined me on visits going back hundreds of years... Heaven Knows Why contains all of the above original sacred spiritual poetry inspired by Spirit Guides and the Angelics...

...the journey continues! Christine Snowdon

Private Review: from

This is in my opinion the best book that I have ever read in this category. I started to read it the moment that it arrived. I planned on just skimming through it at first. Then really read it through later. However once I opened up, to the first page and started to read. I found myself reading faster to learn and hear more. I found myself at times rereading a page or chapter, because it was like a light bulb being turned on. Then when I would reread a part over, it was like something had turned that light bulb up. I found it to be a very special read full of heart, soul, emotions and a real conection. As I was reading I had the feeling of the authors voice in my head, as if she was present in the room reading to me. Before I knew it I had finished reading the book. I had read the book from cover to cover from the time I received it until I found myself at the end. I am positive that I will be reading this book many times over. I highly recommend reading
" HEAVEN KNOWS WHY " By Christine Snowdon.
It is very clear to me that Heaven really does know why, when it comes to Christine Snowdon.
Well done and Thank you for sharing, Blessings to you.



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